Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

The WHISPER Legacy Blog; Different From The Beginning

Younger Then, Hyper-Focused On Disrupting the Profession to Benefit Clients

Within a year after creating WHISPER and launching our site, in 2005 Fast Company recognized the WHISPER blog among a select handful offering on-target insights:

The always-slippery topic of branding becomes more so on the Web, where "brand" bloggers typically spill the most ink on, well, blogging. We found three that offer on-target insights.

Fast Company said this:

"WHISPER offers good musings on strategy"

When looking back on the Fast Company piece, also of interest are the agency blogs NOT included in their recognition. 

We wrote our commentaries in a voice unique to the industry - bold, unafraid to challenge the status quo, and educational - a demonstration of our wide difference from other brand, advertising, PR and marketing agencies.

We still do.

Today we refer to this content as our Legacy Blog, as it appears at a web address we no longer use.

We were disruptive then.

Today, we remain ever-focused on finding the game-changing, category-disruptive answers for our clients.

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