Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Joschka Fischer Urges Regions Top CEOs to Think Global

"Leading CEO Summit" Supported by HumanSoft, BMW and Shell

MARCH 22, 2006 - DUBAI

Datamatix Group today organized the 'The Leading CEO Summit' at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE.

The event aimed to identify and outline key issues facing today's leaders in government and business organizations.

Joschka Fischer, Former Deputy Chancellor and Foreign Affairs Minister of Germany delivered the keynote address at the summit. Mr. Fischer known for his unconventional but inspirational leadership style urged an audience comprising of top decision makers from various Middle East organizations to think globally. His speech brought up many instances from his vast experience on the global stage as an administrator, negotiator and a diplomat. He urged regional CEOs to take their efforts and business to the next level to meet challenges.

Introducing the event, Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix Group said 'With the fast-paced business world today, the definition of leadership is changing. Decisions that were taken in months are now taken in days. There is added pressure on the CEOs since so their organizations image and future depends on their actions. The Leading CEO Summit attempted to examine the issues that signify success of failure for a CEO in the Middle East. We were glad to have several esteemed leaders and experts presenting sessions at the summit and participants were provided with valuable tips on how they can refine their leadership approach.

Earlier in the day, the summit began with a panel discussion on the difference between government and business CEOs. Dr. Mike Bebb, Founder, Centre for Vision and Leadership, New Zealand, Behnam Tabrizi, Consulting Professor with Stanford University, and Steve Cranford, CEO of Whisper USA participated in the panel moderated by Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director, Datamatix.

Dr. Mike Bebb addressed on the strategies to sharpen the leadership skill of CEOs and analyzed the possible causes that the Leading CEOs lose their effectiveness and professionalism. He explained the importance of Diamond model in improving the leadership efficiency for CEOs.

In his session on 'Fast and Effective Corporate Transformation - Lessons from 50 leading Global CEOs', Behnam Tabrizi, Professor (Consulting), Stanford University, USA talked about the necessity of transformation in corporate sector and explored the reasons behind the failure of many transformations in the corporate world. He also provided the success stories and best practices around the globe to make a clear vision on the topic.

Mohamed Horani, Founder, Chairman and CEO of HPS, Imy Kassam, Founder and CEO, Stepping Stone Consulting and Anil Mehndiratta, General Manager, MITTCO LLC., U.A.E. were the panelists who discussed on topic, 'Why Some CEOs Consider CIOs & Information Technology Managers as Non-strategic to Business Success'. The panel discussion was moderated by Gerard McDonnell, Director of Novell ME. The session explored the practical methods for extending CIOs role outside traditional IT activities and examined the CEOs views on their CIOs and Information Technology Managers.

In the session on 'Branding Strategy in the Real World', Steve Cranford, CEO of Whisper, focused on the procedure of building the brand image and emphasized the need of developing an excellent branding strategy before massive investments. He provided the secrets of great branding and cited examples from the top 10 regional and global brands.

The Summit provided an excellent knowledge sharing platform for the C-Level executives in the region, to interact with top Leaders and Experts from all around the world. and here

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