Paul Waldman

Words As Messengers of Commerce Translator
Paul Waldman Paul Waldman

A renowned photographer and poet, Paul understands how handpicked words bind and build powerful interactive portraits.

Of value to brands.

And how these words guide clients - and their audiences - through doors they may as yet not see to rewards they hope to realize.

A master meaning-maker, Paul crafts messages that offer bridges to carry content from abstraction to clarity, with enduring presence, transforming those who encounter them in his work on behalf of WHISPER.

A gifted interpreter of topics ranging from business to popular culture, Paul possesses the unique ability to communicate sophisticated ideas in a cleverly resolved, difficult to forget form.

Described as an ”empathic genius, social contractor and visionary alchemist,” with his work praised, for example, by The New York Times, National Geographic and InStyle Magazine, Paul has this to say about his approach to crafting indelible messaging:

“Tension stems from the respective meanings of applied words, opening the perceptive elasticity of the recipient”

Paul founded The Living American Master Photographers Project, capturing a shared oral and visual history of American master photography.  His work has been the subject of exhibits in galleries from St. Petersburg to New York City. 

A gifted teacher and lecturer, Paul is an invited speaker to venues such as the Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television, the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, New York University, in Moscow at the invitation of Izvestia, and in Washington, D.C. at the invitation of the National Press Photographers Association.

Awarded a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, Paul studied under the renowned Norman Dubie, Regents' Professor, Department of English at ASU and author of more than 20 books, including his collection, The Quotations of Bone, which won the 2016 International Griffin Poetry Prize.  Paul earlier studied at Menlo College and Southern Methodist University.

When he has time, Paul retreats to his collection of boutique guitars and time with his son, himself a music prodigy.


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