NBC Local Media - Growing Local Revenue Precisely Through Brand

Create advertiser engagement strategy

We consulted with NBC’s retained team to determine how best to propel NBC Local Media and its owned and operated television stations toward next-level growth.

The client needed a clear advertiser-compelling basis for attraction and disruptive, unavailable elsewhere benefits, positioning NBC Local Media content platforms as highly valued assets for advertising and media decision makers.

A strategy was created to reposition Local Media from a local spot inventory provider among often-indistinguishable competitors, by moving to a focus upon the intersection of individual viewers and the culture/commerce of their local metro, and more precise neighborhood.
Our collaboration pointed to a focus upon creation of hyper-local content repurposed beyond a point-in-time local market television newscast to 24-hour digital platforms, with a competitive emphasis on mobile.

A content creation strategy was developed acknowledging the benefits of audience-submitted content, and how best to attract quality inventories of such content with real-time relevancy.


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