Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Competitive Analysis, And The Search for White Space

Finding The Market Disruptive Opportunity

Understanding how competing products are positioned and messaged allows you to learn from their mistakes and successes, and act in a distinct and powerful way.

A competitive message analysis - a taxonomy - is key to this understanding.

This taxonomy - a classification by message categories and by strength of engagement - answers the following:

  • How do competitors position themselves?
  • What types of conversations are common among them?
  • Do their communications project a similar attitude?
  • Do their similarities offer an opportunity to stand apart?
  • .

And most important:

What do competitors NOT communicate?

Of greatest value, the taxonomy points to competitive differences unclaimed, and user benefits left unsaid.

This void of the unspoken - and the unowned - is the White Space Oppportunity.  

White Space is the market position unclaimed, the product difference unspoken, the authentic benefit as yet unmade by competitors.

Finding White Space is key to any business leader's ability to Own The Conversation™ among market competitors.

And key to effective marketing strategy.

It telegraphs the market-disruptive - and marketing disruptive - opportunity of redefining the conversation within your industry.

To your advantage.

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