To Protect The Asset Of Reputation, Olympics In Need Of A New Dream Team

Mar, 29 2016

The greatest group of athletes ever assembled into a team, in any sport, was a cultural phenomenon. 24 years after Barcelona, the 2016 Olympics needs a new Dream Team. Another 12-member roster of star performers. Not to compete in sport, but to save sport.  Saving the Olympic ideal of Olympism, in “building a better world through sport.” IN FOUR MONTHS This August, Rio de Janeiro will...

The Voice that Defied Convention: A Nod to The Iconic David Bowie

Jan, 18 2016

If anyone has Owned The Conversation lately, it's been David Bowie. A creative extremist, through his artistry Bowie offered means of understanding the misunderstood. He identified primarily as a songwriter, but Bowie's singing voice was marvelous in that it was his own. At times primordial, with a kind and wavering vibrato, it warmed through his poetry and...

Logic Or Emotion: How Consumers - And Voters - Make A Selection Decision

Feb, 09 2016

Similar to those charged with marketing a product or cause, candidates for political office often believe they must present the logic of their candidacy to influence voters — such as 10-point plans and issue position papers — when instead logic serves only a secondary role, if at all, in the choice decision. This reliance upon logic...

Robert Burns as Marketing Strategist

Sep, 05 2017

Robert Burns, a Scottish poet and lyricist of the 18th century, remains considered by many the national poet of Scotland. Today his work and literary influence are celebrated globally. This verse from the Burns poem, To A Louse, describes the value of qualitative research in drawing a bead on what is important, and what is not: O would some...


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