To Protect The Asset Of Reputation, Olympics In Need Of A New Dream Team

Mar, 29 2016

The greatest group of athletes ever assembled into a team, in any sport, was a cultural phenomenon. 24 years after Barcelona, the 2016 Olympics needs a new Dream Team. Another 12-member roster of star performers. Not to compete in sport, but to save sport.  Saving the Olympic ideal of Olympism, in “building a better world through sport.” IN FOUR MONTHS This August, Rio de Janeiro will...

The Voice that Defied Convention: A Nod to The Iconic David Bowie

Jan, 18 2016

If anyone has Owned The Conversation lately, it's been David Bowie. A creative extremist, through his artistry Bowie offered means of understanding the misunderstood. He identified primarily as a songwriter, but Bowie's singing voice was marvelous in that it was his own. At times primordial, with a kind and wavering vibrato, it warmed through his poetry and...

Logic Or Emotion: How Consumers - And Voters - Make A Selection Decision

Feb, 09 2016

Similar to those charged with marketing a product or cause, candidates for political office often believe they must present the logic of their candidacy to influence voters — such as 10-point plans and issue position papers — when instead logic serves only a secondary role, if at all, in the choice decision. This reliance upon...

Carl Sandburg's Advice To Product & Enterprise Owners With Brand Ambition

Nov, 30 2015

During a life that began humbly as a wagon driver, hotel porter, bricklayer, farm laborer, hobo, dishwasher, coal heaver, soldier, West Point washout and later college dropout, as a poet and writer Carl Sandburg became an often-honored advocate for laborers, soldiers, the civil rights movement and social justice. Upon Sandburg's death in 1967, President Lyndon B....


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