Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Client Receives Recognition: A Brand Built On Passion Continues Growth

Reputation Equity of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Continues to Grow

Built upon the passion of one man, and launched some over three decades ago, AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions has become a force in the climate information technology industry.

The latest story of the man and how his passion has created business success for many is shared in this media report:

AccuWeather...purchased WeatherData Inc...from Mike Smith, who launched the business [in 1981].

WeatherData has since become Accuweather Enterprise Solutions, today led by the same man, Mike Smith, who at age five began a fascination with that ultimately became a career, when a tornado moved through his neighborhood. Smith's business unit serves 240 of the Fortune 500 and hundreds more.

Among a wide range of professional accomplishments, Smith has developed weather-triggered marketing, which...offers consulting services to retailers, consumer-products manufacturers and others based on episodic consumer demand for weather opportunistic sales, for products such as snow shovels and rain coats.

"Businesses...give us their [historical] sales information and we...correlate it to weather conditions at that time," says Smith.

Read about how our work grew this client's market opportunity here.  

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