Elliott Curson

Senior Vice President & Executive Producer
Elliott Curson Elliott Curson

Elliott Curson has a long history in American political and commercial advertising, and media relations. 

His messaging and creative are considered memorable and game-changing by media such as The Washington Post, and New York Times best-selling authors such as Craig Shirley

For example, in 1980 then California Governor Ronald Reagan, an underdog candidate for president of the United States, launched his campaign seeking the Republican Party nomination.  He lost the first state primary to George H. W. Bush, the consensus frontrunner.  Curson was called into the Reagan campaign, where he created a series of television spots focused on the candidate discussing issues such as leadership, the economy and a strong national defense, each concluding with the key message, "It's nice to be liked.  But it's more important to be respected."  Governor Reagan won the next state primary election in a stunning upset, and went on the win the presidency.

His campaigns for both commercial and political clients are simple and poignant, offering a sense of humor.  As Elliott describes it:

“Too often marketing campaigns have no impact, as people easily forget them.

Production values may be great, but if the content isn’t remembered any campaign is useless and a waste of money.

In contrast, our work stands for something. 

We set an agenda to stir the emotions of audiences you seek to influence.

Our content withstands the scrutiny of a questioning press, keeping the eye of the voter/consumer on the big idea, to change minds.”

In his spare time, on Instagram Elliott combines his street photography with the works of award-winning photojournalist, Eric Mencher, to produce conceptual art.


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