Real Madrid Club De Fútbol

Brand Reposition Aids Growth in Market Value


The most popular brand in Spain needed a passport to internationalization, to grow its fanbase, transforming supporters into customers of products and services.  

Beyond the success of Realmadrid Club de Fútbol on the pitch, the business side of the enterprise had created some 65 products and sub-enterprise brands, many inconsistent with the reputation associated with “The Badge”, minimizing the power of Real Madrid reputation equity, even trivializing it.


Defining meaning people cannot find elsewhere while translating the role the Club can have in people's lives, led to immersion into what makes the Real Madrid experience so profoundly great. We found the values of the enterprise had created decades of sports success – leadership, excellence, tradition and effort – yet few knew what these values symbolized, as they had become mere words. 

These values had to be infused with contemporary meaning resonating in Spain and beyond.  A new strategy – a business organizing principle, one capable of international understanding – was created, mapping to a stellar record on the pitch while speaking to the business aspirations of the enterprise, which we labeled Sports Purity®


Real Madrid is now the #1 world's most valuable soccer team, and #2 in all sport, at $4.24B [€3.8B], doubling in market value since our work began. Sports Purity is the new enterprise governance filter, bridging Sports, Commercial and Social interests of the enterprise with an easily translated construct for C-level decision-making.

Real is #1 among soccer clubs generating $851.7 million [€750.9 million] in annual revenues, doubling since our work began, with the largest club followings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Realmadrid Fundación now elevates its social role, such as hosting new Alma Cup events internationally for pre-16s, nurturing Real Madrid’s reputation in ways commercial activity alone cannot.

And at WHISPER, we have grown to love Fútbol.

Real football.


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