Captain's Knock - Sports Metaphor Attracts Crowds, Launches Brand


Among a number of organizations seeking a voice among British Commonwealth expatriates located in greater New York City, an events host and organizer seeks to grow awareness, increase event attendance and attract corporate sponsors in support of a variety of philanthropic causes. The client seeks to become the most effective connector of people, business and philanthropic cause in New York.


We repositioned the organization by drawing upon a sports metaphor familiar among Commonwealth expatriates: CAPTAIN'S KNOCK. The term - well-known among Commonwealth nationals - originates from the sport of Cricket when a captain from the batting team has a turn at bat that wins the game. In this context, the term is most often applied to a spectacular performance by a team's leader that wins the game or match. In a similar way, high-performing business leaders are able to direct organizations to successful results. CAPTAIN'S KNOCK was launched through online, print and mobile.

Own The Conversation® Results

Since launching this new brand property, Captain's Knock® has become a brand asset attracting sponsors from both sides of the Atlantic such as BBC, Bloomberg, Virgin Atlantic, HSBC, American Airlines, DHL and Goldman Sachs, with it's events drawing overflow crowds at venues such as the New York Athletic Club, with over $1 million raised in support of philanthropic causes with a 300% boom in ticket sales. Captain's Knock events have become hot ticket affairs, attracting as headliners the foremost of Commonwealth athletes from around the world.


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