Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group - Rethinking A Middle Eastern Industry

Visionary Leaders Snap Industry Stereotypes To Grow Market Share


In the Middle East, the application of fragrance multiple times throughout the day is a centuries-old tradition among men and women. The UAE's first perfume manufacturing company established nearly four decades ago, today also a fragrance retailer, experienced competitive pressures from newer entrants to the region. The company needed a new way to tap into the hopes and dreams of its primary female market to increase awareness and deepen relevance.


Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group aspired to an indelible reposition of the enterprise. An unused white space opportunity was uncovered by rethinking the backstory of fragrance product, all without relying upon competitively overused words such as "perfume" and "fragrance." Rather than viewing their products as fragrance-in-a-bottle, fragrance is repositioned as communications tool extending personal influence. Women are reminded they possess the power to Be Heard, a provocative message in portions of our world. The company's umbrella brand is repositioned across multiple channels, including expression through our new retail shop architectural prototyping. New products were created, including a new product fragrance, Darbuka, so that those of importance to users Hear My Beat®

Own The Conversation® Results

Since introduction of the new enterprise and product brands, the number of Swiss Arabian retail locations doubled to more than 120 shops beyond the original base in Dubai and the UAE, with expansion into Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

The enterprise now exports product brands to more than 70 countries worldwide, with wholesale distribution a "major area for growth going forward." 

Swiss Arabian experienced double digit year-over-year growth in revenues and margins, and is honored to receive The Fragrance Foundation's 2013 award for the Arabian oil fragrance of most popular appeal for men.

Watch more of this transformation here.



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