Friday, May 29th, 2015

Enterprise Naming: An Incomplete List of Words That Are Now Startups

To Achieve Brand Indelibility, Begin With Brand Naming

Courtesy of Medium, a list of words that are now enterprise startup names.

The author explains that for "sanity reasons, this list ignores 'ly' and 'able' startups such as Directly and Fundable, as well as startups whose names are phrases such as BringMeThat."

Hello. Sunrise. Sunshine. Clear. Clever. Color. Care. Calm. Karma. Ark. Angle. Dabble. Meddle. Mirror. Breather. Burner. Buffer. Porter. Cover. Construct. Control. Connect. Disconnect. Divide. Dash. Double. Able. Variable. Bubble. Bump. Thumb. Mouth. Outline. Her. Sum. Swipe. Slide. Stripe. Stride. Strut. Shots. Tab. Hall. Crew. Chill. Chomp. Chute. Chef. Sense. Seen. Scan. Rinse. Glimpse. Greats. Gallop. Pair. Pie. Proven. Floored. Fixed. Furious. Curious. Embrace. Even. Everest. Magic. Magnetic. One. Five. Artillery. Density. Brevity. Brisk. Blend. Bench. Balance. Tune. Tilt. Tile. Try. Flyer. Hipster. Rant. Roost. Bison. Fuel. Handy. Handshake. Shake. Stir. Sprig. Fig. Figs. Seeds. Honey. Peach. Plaid. Prime. Purse. Square. Lettuce. Relay. Remind. Remark. Ribbon. Lob. Leap. Lever. Speak. Hype. Hatch. Hum. Honk. Beep. Bop. Boop. Hug. Punch. Pounce. Path. Pave. Jam. Pocket. Surreal. Revenue. Universe. Monogram. Monolith. Molecule. Medium.

When looking to stand out from your competitive crowd, great brand strategy begins with the label you select for your product or enterprise. 

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