Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Wall Street Billionaire's Advice: Brand Name Choice Is Key To Success

Smart Product Naming Plays Big Role In Organization Growth

Recently the CBS News program, 60 Minutes, rebroadcast their story about the Robin Hood Foundation, and the organization's founder, Paul Tudor Jones. 

The Foundation "fights poverty with the hard-nosed, business sense of Wall Street."

Tudor Jones, also recently profiled in The New York Times, had this to say about how a smart brand name drives organizational success:

If you said to me what part of our success is due to our name, I'd say it's a big part of it 'cause it's a great name, right?

It says everything.

The name Robin Hood Foundation indeed says everything by tapping into a difficult-to-forget metaphor - the Robin Hood legend of taking from the rich to give to the poor - updated for today.

Rather than relying on a functional label, such as Business Fights Poverty, the Robin Hood Foundation by name itself demonstrates an instantly recognizable AND memorable answer to the "why we exist" and "how we benefit you" questions.

Any consumer you covet must hear these answers in mere seconds - to prompt the investment of their time - to enable the decision for purchase of your product.

Intellligent brand naming accomplishes this objective, as smartly told by 60 Minutes.

Most refreshing about this report comes in hearing a successful business leader, in this case a multi-billionaire, acknowledge how a smart brand name is the significant difference to achieving business success.

Just ask Paul Tudor Jones.

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