Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Does Marketing Expertise on the Board Help Drive Business Growth?

Absence of Marketing Expertise in the Boardroom Absence of Marketing Expertise in the Boardroom

Does executive-level marketing expertise on the board help drive enterprise growth?

In a word: yes.

Revenues of a business can be expected to increase by nearly 6% annually when at least one marketer is on the board.

Yet, paradoxically, only 2.6% of S&P 1500 boards include marketing and communications expertise.

A marketer asks, “How do we grow by creating real, meaningful value for consumers?” Other [functional expertise] asks, “How can we improve our bottom line by reducing costs and increasing efficiencies?”

These are both important questions. Ideally, you want people with different skills, knowledge and training to address both paradigms at the board level.

Even one marketer on a corporate board aids in balancing out board deliberations, by bringing an outward, consumer-first perspective, to an often inwardly focused, functional mindset.

Which not only aids in the pursuit of growth, but also assists in getting out ahead of threats to growth.

Read why and how these results occur here.

[Image credit: Dan Dimmock via unsplash]

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