Tracy Holdeman

Executive Creative Director
Tracy Holdeman Tracy Holdeman

Tracy's work demonstrates how powerful identity smartly expressed through appropriate channels brings humanity to products and enterprises, establishing belief in their essential promise.

A member of our leadership team from the beginning, Tracy's artistry and visual storytelling appears in industries ranging from snack food and beverages on behalf of companies such as PepsiCo, to agricultural, financial and industrial products and services such as Cargill, and to retail such as Target.

Within the philanthropic and professional association sector, his keen eye propels organizations such as March of Dimes International, American Dental Association and George Washington's Mount Vernon.

An over-thinker and over-carer, Tracy unifies style, meaning, visual content, messaging, positioning into one visual, uniquely concepted.  

For example, Tracy descibes logo design in this way: 

To create a lasting, memorable symbol for any brand requires all of my talent, absorbed wisdom, intuition and accumulated experience to distill what are often many contrasting hopes and aspirations into one single, memorable, and engaging image.

One that defies the limitations of normal contextual conventions, and invites a personal reality standing toe-to-toe, face-to-face, with the consumer.

His work has long been guided by a clear understanding that the highest form of design magnifies and deepens a marketing strategy, of which we are often reminded.

Tracy's work is honored internationally and appears in a variety of peer-reviewed publications, such as Graphis, Print, and Communication Arts.

Tracy earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College of Fine Arts at Wichita State University, and studied at the Art Institute of Colorado.

When not engaged with a client, he stays busy with his three children, each budding creatives themselves.


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