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A much-honored information technology company founder and CEO looked for ways to grow revenues and increase the market value of his company.

The company, WeatherData, pioneered pinpoint site-specific weather warning technologies to minimize risk for companies faced with recurring time-sensitive business factors, such as supply chain management, logistics, and entertainment event crowd safety, in industries such as airlines, transportation, automotive and manufacturing.


We focused on the client's core capability, that of new technology development, as a competitive white space opportunity for growth, combined with the need to reframe the company's entry-point narrative to increase market awareness with the unavailable-elsewhere benefits of the client's business intelligence.

As we began our engagement we noted the client had created no portfolio of patented intellectual property, even though on the leading edge of assisting Fortune 500s and other business enterprises in their time-sensitive and mission-critical decision making, by providing a key missing link: location-precise climate information technology.

Among other results, we created the client's technology patent development and commercialization strategy.

Own The Conversation® Results

The client grew from owning zero patented technologies to today ownership of over 25 U.S. and foreign patents in the fields of storm warnings, search and rescue, and emergency management.

As a result, WeatherData grew in sales and market value, leading to accomplishing the founder's exit strategy through acquisition by AccuWeather Inc. The two companies more recently integrated as AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, creating the leading climate intelligence provider to business in the world.

Working with our prescient client CEO exposed a market gap and brand strategy years ahead of its time, as easily seen today.


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