American Bar Association - Causing A Growth Avalanche With Brand Naming

Newly Created Magazine Expands Into A Growth Asset


The American Bar Association looked to create a magazine for intellectual property law specialists, to grow reputation and extend the influence of its Intellectual Property Law Section.  As members of the ABA's IP Law Section work to protect and defend intellectual property rights, and as we create intellectual properties for use as communications and marketing assets, at some point we were bound to come together.


Rather than focus on the function of this specialized legal expertise, we moved the conversation to the snowballing client and societal benefits created by those creating IP breakthroughs, and the IP professionals protecting them.

This strategy pointed to the obvious name of their new magazine aided by metaphor: LANDSLIDE.  We lifted the IP Section's existing tagline out of legalspeak, "lawyer members of the IP Law Section of The American Bar Association," to one telegraphing professional aspiration AND client benefit: Creativity's Lawyers.

Own the Conversation® Results

WHISPER created a new entry-point story to engage larger audiences, both lawyer and business professional: "LANDSLIDE: for Creativity, and Creativity's Lawyers"

Joseph M. Potenza, ABA-IPL's representative to ABA's House of Delegates was prescient:

"...IP law touches nearly every aspect of business, trade & commerce... LANDSLIDE will be a force in the IP world."

Within weeks LANDSLIDE attracted 25,000 subscribers, soon expanded to bi-monthly publication and creation of the LANDSLIDE webinar series. Of 63 ABA-published periodicals, today at a subscription rate of $295 LANDSLIDE is valued at more than double the second most highly priced ABA periodical.

For this LANDSLIDE, mass and impact continues to grow.


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