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In the Middle East, the application of fragrance multiple times daily is a centuries-old tradition among both men and women.

With the forward-thinking leadership team of Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group, we uncovered a white space opportunity for engaging women by rethinking the backstory of fragrance products.

The client views the creation of fragrance as both art and science, offering these product lines in its owned and operated Swiss Arabian retail showrooms:

concentrated perfume oils,

coveted essential oils known as Ood in the Middle East - the product line known as Dehn el Ood, or essence of Ood

Oriental Eau De Parfums, and

Western Eau De Parfums

After repositioning the client flagship brand Swiss Arabian and creating its new platform, we were further engaged to assess and reposition these client legacy brands offered through distribution channels outside of owned and operated Swiss Arabian retail showrooms:

Sapil, Shirley May, AltaModa and Xcel

After labeling the reposition of each product brand we created new entry-point messaging for each, with creative direction for each in message channels including television, radio, outdoor and print.



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