Darbuka - Personal Power Through Brand Fragrance

Create the brand, package and launch a new women's fragrance

In the Middle East, the multiple daily application of fragrance has a long tradition among both men and women.  

By partnering with the leadership team of Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group, we uncovered a new way of consumer engagement by rethinking the backstory of fragrance products.  

Rather than product as fragrance in a bottle, the strategy reframes fragrance as communications tool extending personal influence.  

As part of this engagement we created a new fragrance product, developing the product position, key messaging, container and packaging design, visual identity, and new product name, Darbuka.

After positioning the new fragrance as a communications device for women of more utility than a smartphone, a musical instrument indigenous to the region, a drum - Darbuka – was selected as the name of the new fragrance, pointing to the key message, Hear My Beat.

With verbal design complete, visual design inspiration tapped into the tradition of henna as body art within the region. 

As shared by Creative Director Tracy Holdeman:

The henna direction also created a complimentary effect – the identity further achieves intimacy as Darbuka leaves a visual indicator on those “touched” by the fragrance.  

Darbuka creative was developed for use across multiple channels, including go-to-market planning, container and packaging design, consumer affinity tools, online platform, retail staff uniforms, staff training for use of the new product, outdoor, print, television and a range of other applications.


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