Friday, September 16th, 2016

A Client Business Success By Use Of Rare Brand-Building Strategy

AccuWeather, Inc., announced completion of a patent licensing agreement with Weather Decision Technologies, Inc., offering WDT the ability to utilize over 50 AccuWeather patents.

This news follows on the heels of a major announcement of the United States National Weather Service also licensing AccuWeather technology

AccuWeather patented technologies geographically pinpoint observed weather conditions, allowing for the availability of precise-location weather content through mobile delivery.

The patented technologies licensed to the U.S. National Weather Service were developed by Mike Smith, AccuWeather's Chief Innovation Officer and Senior Vice President.

We congratulate Mr. Smith and AccuWeather on their business success, and the value their patented technology portfolio adds to the reputation equity of the company.

Why are we so delighted to share the news of AccuWeather's success?  

Because our CEO created the technology patent development and commercialization strategy today delivering revenues to AccuWeather. Read more here of this brand-building success.

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