Charlie Rosner Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

Advisory | Executive Creative Director Emeritus

At age 7, Charlie Rosner began training as a fine artist under the tutelage of Philadelphia legend Miriam Brown Fine. At age 11, he was selling his paintings at Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square ‘clothesline’ show.

He has been an eye-opener ever since. 

Charlie over an illustrious career has created a wealth of moving messages, and his messages have moved millions of people - quite possibly even you.  

Charlie develops brand positionings and supporting communications programs and strategic outreach initiatives for Chief Executives and Marketing Directors of Fortune 500 companies, retail organizations and social engineering and non-profit groups.

His clients ranged from Zurich Financial, CitiCorp, IBM, The New York Stock Exchange, Prince Tennis and GE Capital to The World Bank, The New York Philharmonic, The Peace Corps and the Office of Communications at Buckingham Palace.

Charlie's advice and counsel has been sought for over five decades for strategic planning, rejuvenation of sales forces, creation of complete 360 degree marketing communications programs, new product development, leveraging of underutilized intellectual capital, brand reburnishings, web presence and [over]-due diligence for venture capital firms and private equity funds such as General Electric, JPMorgan, Pouchine Cook Capital, Ritchie Capital, Catalyst Investors and Odyssey Investment.

Charlie has been privileged to work with over 400 organizations in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. 

He was awarded his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Philadelphia Museum College of Art, with multiple majors in graphic design, illustration, photography and typography.

As advertising industry icon, we eagerly internalize Charlie's advice and wisdom. 

Amy Carroll Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Director - Audience Understanding & Message Creation

Elliott Curson Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Advisory | Executive Producer

Elliott Curson has a long history in corporate and elective candidate campaigns.

And media relations.

His messaging and creative are considered memorable and game-changing by media such as The Washington Post, and New York Times best-selling authors such as Craig Shirley

For example, in 1980 then California Governor Ronald Reagan, underdog candidate for president of the United States, launched his campaign seeking the Republican Party nomination.  He lost the first state primary to George H. W. Bush, the consensus frontrunner.  

Curson was called into the Reagan campaign, where he created a series of television spots focused on the candidate discussing issues such as leadership, the economy and a strong national defense, each concluding with the key message, "It's nice to be liked.  But it's more important to be respected." 

Governor Reagan won the next state primary election in a stunning upset, and went on the win the presidency.

Elliott’s work is widely credited with Reagan’s ascension to his party’s nomination.

With a knack for creating awareness of a product or candidate through the provocative use of words.  As an example, for a new fine dining restaurant, the Tony George, he created this story: Tony George Makes Stupid Martinis.  The restaurant quickly became the go-to place in town, far exceeding sales expectations.

For the City of Philadelphia, his Philadelphia Isn't As Bad As Philadelphians Say It Is campaign lives on years after it's creation.

His advertising creations for both candidate and commercial clients in the food, hospitality, retail and place brand sectors are simple and poignant, each tugging with unexpected humor which, of course, creates indelibility. 

As Elliott describes it:

“Too often marketing campaigns have no impact, as people easily forget them.

Production values may be superb, but if the content isn’t remembered any campaign is useless and a waste of money.

In contrast, our work stands for something. 

We set an agenda to stir the emotions of audiences you seek to influence.

Our content withstands the scrutiny of a questioning press, keeping the eye of the consumer or voter on the big idea, to change minds.”

In his spare time, Elliott combines his street photography with the works of award-winning photojournalist, Eric Mencher, to produce conceptual art on Instagram.

Vanessa Scull Friday, May 8th, 2015

Senior Creative, Brand & Marketing Strategist

Vanessa Scull is not a social media marketer. She is a social-and-digital-savvy storyteller and rare creative hybrid [e.g., born on a hippie commune / reads Fast Company] with an aversion to groupthink and decaf.

As a big picture-thinking creative with strong business acumen, Vanessa's passion for content, brand storytelling, and the Big Idea is an asset for a broad range of global brands across an even broader range of industries, including – but not limited to – CPG, Fashion, Finance, Fitness and one famous French chef.

At the largest targeted-lifestyle media and marketing company in the US and Canada, she ran Design and Content Communications Strategy. There, she drove a laser-focused rebrand while creating a valuable content communications strategy from the ground up. She also merged research, positioning, consumer insights, and design concepts to grow forward-thinking creative marketing strategies for a diverse set of brands including Proctor & Gamble, Jeep, TD Bank, Lady Foot Locker, and VH1.

With ever-changing social media, Vanessa stays current but doesn't let the tail wag the dog...the idea comes first.

Preferring the Steve Jobs' "take what you want" approach to education before she knew that was an option, Vanessa studied Communications at the Catholic University of America, Graphic Design at the University of the District of Columbia, Creative Writing and Economics at Harvard, Acting at the Studio Theater Conservatory in DC, and Marketing and Advertising at the School of Visual Arts...and she uses it all.

When not telling stories for brands, you can find Vanessa creating and telling her own stories – performing stand-up comedy at open mics around New York City, running scull + chris, an eponymous Williamsburg [Brooklyn]-based website, or sharing pictures of food and the occasional selfie on Instagram.

Brian Petchers Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Director of Interactive Production

For as long as he can remember, Brian Petchers has been a fan of cinema and motion pictures. He first creatively indulged his interest in cinematography at an early age, producing short films with friends using his parents' camera.

As a college student, Brian was so attracted to the magic of filmmaking that he worked as a production assistant on the set of a feature film shot in Connecticut. For free. After weeks of 12-hour days on location, his passion was confirmed and a career begun.

Today a music video and commercial director and producer, Brian directs content for Forbes Magazine, where he is also a contributing writer. Clients include Warner Bros Records, Universal Music Group, LRG Clothing, Sagmeister & Walsh, Adobe, and Columbia Records.

Working with Grammy-nominated and -winning artists, Brian's work is featured on television networks such as MTV, BET and REVOLT. In 2012, Brian directed a Top 10 Hip Hop Video as recognized by The Metropolitan Jolt.

Also a producer of documentary film, Brian most recently served as director of photography and producer for Egypt Through The Glass Shop. The film premiered at the Artisan Festival International, winning best International Feature Documentary.

Awarded a Bachelor of Arts from Skidmore College, with a Major in History and Government and Minor in Studio Art, as a student Brian was named President of the college's television station. He studied filmmaking at the Tisch School of the Arts of New York University, at FAMU International [the Film and TV School of the Academy Of Performing Arts in Prague], and the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Gavin Peters Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Executive Producer

For Gavin Peters, it wasn't a decision.  The camera chose him

So much so that today, Gavin has become one of the food industry’s most sought-after food photographers.

On any given day you may find Gavin shooting private jets for Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft, food items for Dean & DeLuca, or steakburgers and onion rings for Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, a national restaurant chain.  

Then watch him transition to photographing models for Lycra or skid steers for Case New Holland.  

Point is, Gavin's career spans many high-end categories, as he specializes in fashion photography, food photography, and photography of people-movers from motorcycles to private aircraft.

Gavin is expert at capturing the emotion of a live moment, so that viewers may easily see themselves within an image.   

Allowing client objectives to flow through his lens, he charges each image with a quality challenging the viewer to tap into the power of their own emotions.

Be it dodging the hooves of running buffalo, laying in a flooded street or lighting the perfect piece of saffron — there you will find Gavin — capturing the perfect image.

Tracy Holdeman Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Executive Creative Director

Tracy's work demonstrates how powerful identity smartly expressed through appropriate channels brings humanity to products and enterprises, establishing belief in their essential promise.

A member of our leadership team from the beginning, Tracy's artistry and visual storytelling appears in industries ranging from snack food and beverages on behalf of companies such as PepsiCo, to agricultural, financial and industrial products and services such as Cargill, and to retail such as Target.

Within the philanthropic and professional association sector, his keen eye propels organizations such as March of Dimes International, American Dental Association and George Washington's Mount Vernon.

An over-thinker and over-carer, Tracy unifies style, meaning, visual content, messaging, positioning into one visual, uniquely concepted.  

For example, Tracy descibes logo design in this way: 

To create a lasting, memorable symbol for any brand requires all of my talent, absorbed wisdom, intuition and accumulated experience to distill what are often many contrasting hopes and aspirations into one single, memorable, and engaging image.

One that defies the limitations of normal contextual conventions, and invites a personal reality standing toe-to-toe, face-to-face, with the consumer.

His work has long been guided by a clear understanding that the highest form of design magnifies and deepens a marketing strategy, of which we are often reminded.

Tracy's work is honored internationally and appears in a variety of peer-reviewed publications, such as Graphis, Print, and Communication Arts.

Tracy earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the College of Fine Arts at Wichita State University, and studied at the Art Institute of Colorado.

When not engaged with a client, he stays busy with his three children, each budding creatives themselves.

Steve Cranford Sunday, April 29th, 2012

Creative Chairman & CEO

Long obsessed with words, Steve views them as messengers of commerce.

Skilled in multiple disciplines, his work demonstrates a track record of creating exceptional narratives to communicate extraordinary product offerings. 

Guided by uncovering the relevant, compelling benefit customers get ONLY from you.

Throughout his career, he has assisted leadership teams in rethinking marketing as the most efficient means of revenue generation and market valuation, through development of content and media strategies resulting in material impact for client companies.

As co-founder, Creative Chairman & CEO of WHISPER globally, Steve has counseled clients worldwide in a variety of industries from tech to fashion & beauty, and from pre-seed to global brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, AccuWeather and NBCUniversal. 

Previously, he served as officer and a/general counsel to Fortune 1000 Rent-A-Center, now Upbound [NASDAQ: UPBD].  

He is also an investor, advisor, and board member to multiple entrepreneurial ventures, assisting in raising $182 million in public and private funding, directing mergers & acquisitions valued at $132 million, and in developing growth and exit strategies creating over $1.670 billion in added market capitalization.

Steve's skills have been recognized by, among others, the University of California, San Diego, where he was selected as a 2022 Entrepreneur in Residence.  Previously he was labeled a global marketing leader by The Wharton School, after nomination by IBM.  In addition, his client platform creation strategy and execution led to Most Excellent Order of the British Empire / MBE Honours bestowed by Queen Elizabeth II upon the client. 

Steve's insights and experience have been featured in the book Start-Ups, Pivots and Pop-Ups: How to Succeed by Creating Your Own Business, Kogan Page, London, 2020, lauded as an entrepreneurial "pivot master" who embraces change in dealing with complexity.

Speaking at conferences, companies and university classrooms around the world, he remains interested in speaking at events worldwide.

Steve maintains a love for the game of baseball at all levels, and has become a fervent fan of fútbol, as the sport is known everywhere but in his native America.


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